About Camp Pringle October 10, 2015 | 0 Comment

We received the following from the parent who had concerns about her child who is allergic to peanuts attending camp- we couldn’t wait to share:

“I wanted to write to say how grateful and impressed I was with the careful attention and thought that Camp Pringle put into the food for those who are allergic and have dietary restrictions. The kitchen was well managed and knowledgeable about everything. It was wonderful for my son to have this experience of going to camp and eating the food.

I was most impressed and grateful for the quality of the food ingredients and skillful preparation which not only focused on being healthy but also liked by the kids.
Lorri Heath shows real skill, care and expertise which I really appreciated!
It was kind of Lorri to talk to me in such detail about the food this weekend. Please also convey my thanks to Lorri.
<parent of a camper>

To this all we can add is Lorri rocks!