About Camp Pringle Jobs November 25, 2014 | 0 Comment

…It’s harder having been part of camp life for so long.

First, I am very proud of the summer staff throughout my ten years as Executive Director. Their dedication to the positive development of children matches staff at any camp in Canada. Ten of our 2014 summer staff were once campers at Camp Pringle! So many camp alumni have grown into caring, inclusive, inspired adults. This gives me strength and hope for the future of Camp Pringle.

Second, thanks to all who have supported my leadership at Camp Pringle. In particular: Penny and Richard Pope, Tom Pringle, Paul Bailey, David Brockhurst and Peter Roundhill—I learned so much and will always admire and respect all of you. And the hard working Camp Pringle board members, too many to mention individually—you have given so much time and heart to camp.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Chef Bob for every pie, treat, and special moment he provided to campers, visitors and staff. We can all be replaced, but you will be missed truly and remembered always at Camp Pringle.

Thank you Camp Pringle for ten years of great summer camps. Goodbye my friends and may God’s love shine upon Camp Pringle forever!

– Darryl MacLeod

Darryl served as Camp Pringle’s Executive Director from January 2005 to September 2014. Chef Bob served camp from 1996-2014. Board and staff celebrated their contributions on October 12th.