Listed below are our current rental rates. If your group is a United Church Congregation or a Student/Youth organization please speak with our Rentals Coordinator about our United Church or student rates.

Please note, our minimum charge for catering is 40 guests. At this time we cannot provide Vegan, Halal, or Kosher meal preparation.

For rental inquiries please contact our Rentals Coordinator at or call our office at 250-743-2189.


Branter Lodge: $1,000.00/night (24 beds + kitchen)
– Branter Lodge rental includes a fully equipped kitchen perfect for smaller groups wishing to
self-cater and is wheelchair accessible.
Butler Lodge: $700.00/night (42 beds)
– Limited wheelchair accessibility. Dormitory style sleeping quarters.
Cabins: $115.00/night (12 beds each)
– Our 9 summer cabins are commonly used to expand capacity during warmer weather. These
cabins are unheated and without power. Our cabins provide a rustic camp experience for
those wanting the traditional camp feel.
Spencer Suite: $155.00/night (4 beds + kitchenette)
– The Spencer “Honeymoon” Suite has two bedrooms (1 with queen size bed, the other with
a bunk bed). Private bathroom, kitchenette & lounge area.
Grace Lodge: $135.00/night (4 beds)
– Grace Lodge has two bedrooms (1 with two singles & the other with 1 double bed).
Private bathroom. Fully wheelchair accessible and situated adjacent to our Spencer
Hall elevator, this suite is ideal for guests with mobility issues.
* Please speak to our rentals coordinator for RV, Trailer & Tenting rates at camp.


Our Pringle staff provides groups the opportunity to experience any or all of the following programs:
– Kayaking – Hiking
– Canoeing – Campfire Skits & Songs
– Paddle Boarding – Orienteering
– Low Ropes Course – Rock Climbing
– Archery – Trust Games
* Program staff & Lifeguards are hired for a minimum of 4 hours per day. We require a minimum of
two lifeguards booked for any boating and/or swimming on Camp Pringle property. Additional guards are added based on a 1:40 ratio.

Lifeguard Rate: $120.00/4 hour shift OR $220.00/8 hour shift
Program Staff Rate: $100.00/4 hour shift OR $180.00/8 hour shift
* A 5% GST charge will be added for groups booking lifeguards or program staff

Catering Service:

Camp Pringle catering provides traditional home cooked meals for groups at the prices below
(please note these are the base rates and may increase due to special requests). Our catering
service includes 24hr access to a selection of fresh fruit as well as a self-serve coffee & tea bar.
* Final numbers for catering are required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date at camp so
that the Chef has time to prepare meal plans and food orders. All dietary information, including
sensitivities and allergies must be provided to the camp at this time. Groups will be billed based
on the number provided 2 weeks prior to the arrival date at camp. Any late additions to the final
numbers provided will be accommodated if possible and added to the final bill.

Catering Day Rate:

$42.00/day – includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert
* Groups may choose to add a morning and/or afternoon catered snack between meals for an
extra $2.50/day (1 snack) OR $4.00/day (2 snacks)

Individual Meal Rates:

Breakfast – $12.00
Lunch – $12.00
Dinner & Dessert – $18.00
Mug Up – $3.00

Special Diets:

At Camp Pringle we are happy to accommodate a variety of special diets. Groups will be
charged an additional fee to the catering rate for certain specialized meal options. Please see
our price add-ons below:
Gluten Free/Celiac: $3.50/meal OR $7.00/day
Dairy/Lactose Free: $2.50/meal OR $5.00/day
Vegetarian: $0
Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy: $0
Soy Allergy: $0
Fruit Allergy: $0
* At this time we are NOT able to provide VEGAN, HALAL or KOSHER meals. If your dietary
restriction is not listed above please contact our rentals coordinator for further information.

Dishwashing Service:

Camp Pringle provides dishwashing service for all catered groups at the following rates:
$60.00/meal OR $120.00/day for groups of 25-40 people
$80.00/meal OR $160.00/day for groups of 41-70 people
$110.00/meal OR $220.00/day for groups of 71-100 people
$130.00/meal OR $260.00/day for groups of 101-130 people
$150.00/meal OR $300.00/day for groups of 131-160 people
$170.00/meal OR $340.00/day for groups over 160 more people

Day Usage:

Groups booking day retreats only (family picnics etc.) will be charged a $10.00/person fee,
which grants access to our Spencer Dining Hall, outdoor picnic grounds and washrooms. Day
group charge does not include access to our Spencer Kitchen, lifeguards, program staff or
equipment rentals. There is a 60 person-booking minimum to ensure site exclusivity.


At Camp Pringle we practice “no trace” camping. We ask that groups ensure accommodations
are left tidy, the dining hall and other rooms used are swept, any furniture/tables are returned to
their original positions and any litter on the grounds is picked up. Our cleaning staff take will
care of the rest!

Rather leave all the cleaning to us? Groups on a tight schedule or not-wishing to do a surface
tidy can hire our cleaning service. Cleaning rate is $30.00/hour and will be determined based
on buildings rented – please contact our rentals coordinator for more details.

Extra Booking Add-Ons:

Spencer Hall Day Rental (fee waived when catering booked) – $500.00
Spencer Hall Fireplace Setup (includes firewood) – $40.00
Outdoor Fire Pit Setup (includes firewood) – $30.00
Microphone Rental – $40.00
Projector Rental – $50.00
Glassware Rentals (Beer/Water/Wine/Champagne) – $0.75/glass
Special Coffee Service – $40.00/day (Delivery & setup of coffee/tea station in Branter Lodge or Lower Spencer)
Special Set-Up/Decorating – to be negotiated based on time required