Welcome to the Camp Pringle Registration Guide! This guide will help you through our online registration, giving step by step instructions. Find the camping program that is right for your child, review dates and pricing (for information on financial support click here), then visit our registration site and follow the steps below!

If you were in the middle of your registration and would like to continue, simply complete Step 1, then select “Continue application” (similar to Step 3) and continue from the first step you have not completed.

If you need to edit any details about your existing registration, complete Step 1 then scroll to the bottom of this page for further instructions (this allows you to complete the forms if you were manually registered, make payments, and view your invoice for Summer 2020!)

Step 1: Logging In

If you already have an account, simply enter your email and password and select the “Login” button. If you do not have an account, enter your information under “New user sign-up” and select “Create account”

If your account was created manually by our office, select “Reset password” and enter your email. You will receive an email with a password reset link, which will let you choose your password so you can sign in as normal.

Step 2: Complete Household Information

Before starting an application, make sure your household information is complete and correct by selecting “Manage People and Household Information”.

First, select “edit details” underneath your name. Then, fill in your phone number and select “Save person” to save your changes.

You can then add another adult to your household by selecting “add second parent living in this household”. Please make sure you have provided at least 2 phone numbers between all the adults in your household.

If you are an adult registering for Family Camp, make sure to fill in your birthday. Otherwise, you will not be able to register.

Next, select “add a child living in this household” and fill in all the information. Don’t forget to select “Save person” to save your changes!

Next, select “Household Details” and fill in your address. Select “Save changes” once you’ve filled in all of the information.

Once you’ve filled in all of your information, select “Back to Home”.

Step 3: Starting a new application

Now it’s time to start your application. To begin, select the “Start application” button underneath “Summer Camp 2020”.

Select “Continue” on the next screen to start the registration process.

Step 4: Select people to register

Select the box next to each person’s name that you want to register for a camp. Select which grade they are going in to from the drop down menu, then select “Continue”.

At this time, our registration system requires a gender selection of Male or Female. Please select the option that your child most identifies with. We recognize these 2 options do not cover all gender identities and we apologize for the inconvenience as we continue to work with our software provider on improving inclusiveness in our registration system. Please let us know your child’s preferred identity on their medical form. Thank you for your understanding.

Step 5: Selecting Camps

Click on the camp you’d like to register for! Specific instructions for that camp will appear. Almost every camp will require you to select a Session Option based on the age of the person registering: Pathfinders, Trailblazers, or Adventurers (the picture to the right has the Trailblazers option). If you are registering for a Family Camp, the option will appear as an age range instead. You must select this option before continuing.

Please consider making a $7.00 donation for Camp Pringle’s 70th anniversay season! Your donation will be put towards our bursary fund, which helps make sure that every child has the opportunity to get “an experience that lasts a lifetime” at camp.

You can also pre-order Camp Pringle merchandise! If you select one or more pieces of merch, you will receive your items after checking in to camp. Items will also be available for sale on pickup and drop off.

Once you have added everything to your cart, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Continue”.

Step 6: Fill Out Forms

All forms must be completed before the person registered can attend camp. Select “Open form” to open a form and fill in all the necessary information.

Please make sure to select “Complete this Form” once you are done with a form! If you select “Save changes”, your form will show up as incomplete, so please only use this option if you need to come back and finish a form later!

Once you have completed all of your forms, select “Continue”. You will be able to come back at another time and complete the forms, but your spot will not be saved until you have paid.

Step 7: Choose Payment Option

Select “Pay in Full” or “Pay 50% Deposit (balance due June 15). If you select the latter, your card will be charged for the remaining amount on June 15th, 2020.

Step 8: Final Review and Submission

Look over the details of your registration and make sure everything is correct. Finally, enter your credit card information and select “Submit application”.

Congratulations, your application is complete!

Viewing Registration Details

To look over your existing registrations, select “View details” for the registration you would like to view.

To add new registrations, select “Add campers, sessions, options”, select “Continue”, then go to Step 4.

To complete forms, select the form name and go to Step 6.

To view your invoice for Summer 2020, select “Download Printable Season Account Statement”

To make a payment towards your account balance, select “New Payment”.

Making a Payment

Follow the instructions above to reach the payment screen. Once there, enter your credit card information. Then, enter your desired payment amount. Note that you cannot pay more than the current balance owing on your account. Finally, select “Process Payment” to apply it to your card.