Pop-up Camp Weekend

Ages: Ages 15-25
Dates: Aug 3 (starts at 5pm) – Aug 5 (ends at 2pm)

The United Church of Canada is providing fully paid bursaries for campers with disabilities, ages 15-25 years old, to participate in a Pop-Up Camp Weekend at Camp Pringle. Space is limited, register now. Shared accommodation is provided in cabins and dorms and all meals are included.

Activities include: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, lowropes, climbing wall, archery, field games and campfires.

To qualify, your child will need a one-on-one inclusion facilitator to attend. The cost of your child’s inclusion facilitator will be provided by the family or by other potential bursaries through other participating agencies.

• Register at CampPringle.com.
• Add your information as the parent
• Add your child as the camper
• Add your child’s worker information
• Complete your child’s medical form and camper information that includes dietary restrictions and waiver
• Your child’s worker logs into your registration account and completes their form with dietary restrictions and waiver
• Camp Pringle’s Registrar is available to assist you: registrar@camppringle.com or 250-743-2189