Our faith program is designed to be non-intimidating and accepting for all our campers and meets campers where they are at in their individual faith journey.

Each morning campers “Greet-the-day” which is usually a wake-up activity to get campers moving, but which sometimes has a faith focus like a meditation about each breath we take and the energy we feel flowing through our bodies.

All meals are preceded by a grace, usually sung, to thank God for the food we will eat and every evening has a Vespers session which may be a story or a popcorn prayer to help us be thankful for what we have.

Each day also includes a Faith Quest session which can take many forms from questions and answers to reading a Bible story and trying to understand the meaning. Spiritual grounding and treating all people with love and respect are the main faith goals. Participants should be open to personal growth.

As a United Church of Canada Camp, faith exploration is an important part of what we do. The United Church is a very open and welcoming church that has open dialogue and community with many non-Christian faiths. It is a church that is inclusive of all peoples and believes in the morals and values taught by Jesus. At Camp Pringle a child’s views on religion will always be welcome and accepted and no child will ever be made to feel pressure or told they must believe certain things.