8am camper wake up followed by Greet-the-day (activity to help wake the campers, can be spiritual in nature or just a fun game)
9am breakfast (in cabin groups)
After meals one cabin cleans up the dining hall; other campers clean their cabins/start flat happy)
10am first activity rotation (campers participate in a selection of activities through the day)
11am water break
11:15am second activity
12:15pm lunch
1pm flat happy (a rest time in the cabins – sometimes used for cabin cleaning, skit prep, individual crafts, etc)
1:45pm third activity
2:45pm snack break
3:00pm fourth activity
4:00pm Free Swim (open waterfront where campers can swim, play beach volleyball, build sand castles, etc)
5:15pm dinner
6:00pm flat happy
6:30pm fifth activity
7:30pm wide game
8:30pm camp fire (singing songs around the campfire and leader skits)
9:30pm vespers
9:45pm Into cabins
10:30pm Lights Out