Ages: 14.5-16 years (Must be 15 years old by December 31)
Crew #1: July 28-August 2, August 4-9 & August 11-16

**(3 weeks total – note Campers go home between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening)

All camps start at 7pm on Sunday

Price: $990 (plus GST) (includes Camp Pringle CREW shirt)

Crew is a three-week program for youth who want to develop their leadership skills and further their self-confidence. Crew consists of all of camp’s recreational activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, swimming, archery and more. In addition, participants help wash the dishes at camp after each meal and collaborate on an outdoor service project that contributes to camp.

NEW for 2019 – our CREW program will include a Bronze Medallion course.

The Crew participants practice group leadership by leading wide games and campfire programs for the campers; they learn teamwork through a variety of trust exercises and by completing the exhilarating high ropes course. All participants receive an official reference letter highlighting their attributes and documenting their hours of service to the camp. The Crew program is a chance to form lasting friendships, contribute to camp and to have fun!

Teens who are 14.5-16 years of age can register for our Crew program involving up to 16 youth.