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At the recent Hockey Night in Canada Play On ball hockey tournament at Ogden Point, Darryl and the Jack FM/The Ocean were runners up to the powerful young Marty’s Marmots. Darryl’s surprise before the first game of the tournament was finding that one of his teammates was Kelly Dong, one of our summer staff, Kyle’s father. He was the lucky winner from The Ocean as I was from Jack. Kelly was a fantastic defenceman and was solid in all the games. We had fun with a wonderful group including Matt Soper from Jack FM who was a powerhouse on offense until he broke his ankle in the semi-final game. True to his nature he asked if we could help him up so that he could walk it off before the finals… Mike, Rob, Jason, Henry, Noah, Curtis, Don and our awesome goalie Kevin rounded out our squad. I was very proud to play with this group and we had a great day (with the exception of Matt’s injury – hope it heals soon Matt!).